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Pro-Fab Detailing is a structural and miscellaneous detailing company. We have no upper or lower size limit on the jobs we are willing to do. Here are some of the things we often detail-

• Multi-Story Structures
• Single Storey Structures
• Portal Frame Buildings
• Steel Stairs (including spiral & curved)
• Balustrades and Handrails
• Glass Balustrades
• Glass canopies
• Safety Ladders
• Industrial platforms

The process usually starts with receipt of the Engineers and Architect's drawings. These allow us to produce the model and then issue a set of general arrangements and fabrication drawings for approval. At this stage we can provide you with a provisional material list so that you can start sourcing material.
Once approval has been received we can provide you with the following drawings and information.

• Drawing Register
• Cutting List
• Shop Bolt Summary
• Site Bolt Summary
• Site Bolt Location List
• Fabrication Drawings
• Fitting Drawings
• Erection Drawings
During the course of the contract we also keep a register of any changes made by the Architect or Engineer. This register allows you to claim for any changes or additions.

This is a brief summary of what we can offer. For further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We are located at:

Linea Detailing Ltd

65 Westfarm Crescent

Cambuslang Glasgow

G72 7RW

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